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    Norgren Solenoid Valves

    For optimal control and management of flow in fluid and air powered systems, choose from Norgren's range of solenoid valves at RS.

    What is a Solenoid Valve and how does it work?

    A solenoid valve is an electromechanically operated device which can allow or prevent flow in a pneumatic or hydraulic system. They typically consist of a coil, plunger, and sleeve assembly. When the solenoid is energised it creates a magnetic field which moves the plunger, which either enables or shuts off the flow of gas or liquid depending on whether the solenoid is in a Normally Open or Normally Closed state. They are usually made of durable and corrosion resistant materials such as brass, stainless steel, and aluminium.

    What are the advantages of using Solenoid Valves?

    They provide automatic operation and safe switching, they have instant reaction times, are highly reliable, and can offer greater energy efficiency.

    Where are they used?

    This type of valve is often used in industrial applications, for example machine and plant engineering, water supply and treatment, climate control, transport, and refrigeration systems. They can also be found in everyday domestic appliances and commercial installations, such as dishwashers, heating systems, car washes, and medical equipment.

    Norgen's offer includes solenoid valves which can be used for compressed air, neutral gases and liquids, and have a high flow rate. They include features and benefits such as: damped operation, simple and compact designs, NBR seals, and robust aluminium and brass housings.

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