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    3 Way Ball Valve

    A three-way ball valve is a type of popular multi port valve with three ports or entry points that are connected to piping or tubing for gas or fluid to pass through. These ports are usually described as one inlet and two outlet ports or one outlet and two inlet ports depending upon the flow direction through the valve. 3 way ball valves are a cost effective way to control shutoff and flow paths within a single valve body. Depending on the internal design of the valve the following can be achieved; total restriction of flow, blocking of one outlet and allowing flow to continue in another direction, flow from one inlet directed to two destinations, diverting of flow from one destination to another and the mixing of two different fluids from different sources. 3 way ball valves are commonly used as shut-off valves, diverting valves,by-pass valves, selection valves or directional valves with the help of an L-type ball. The ability of these ball valves to blend fluids from more than one inlet makes them ideal for heating and cooling different media such as water, oils, and chemicals.

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