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    Polyplumb Push Fit Fitting Accessories

    Pipe fitting accessories are used to help install heating and water pipes. Pipe covers and collars are designed to improve the appearance of pipelines, such as;PVC pipes and entry points. Some covers also provide some protection for the pipe. Standard pipe covers are usually white plastic or metal.

    Push fit pipe fitting accessories are popular in plumbing due to their ease to install as no special tools are needed, the sockets fit together with just a push.

    RS have a great range of pipe fittings and accessories to help assist in plumbing of hot and cold water services and central heating systems.

    Types of pipe fitting accessories

    There are many different types of pipe fitting accessories which can be made from various materials such as copper (ideal for high temperatures), plastic and brass. Accessory fittings include:

    • Collect Clip
    • Pipe Collars and pipe covers
    • Pipe clips
    • Pipe support liner - MDPE (medium polyethylene) pipe fittings are highly durable and flexible and has a very good resistance to chemicals.
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