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    Fleeces, Hoodies & Sweatshirts

    To stay warm in cold work environments, a sweatshirt, hooded sweatshirt, or fleece is a perfect addition to your standard workwear. Work sweatshirts and fleeces can be worn in most environments for added protection against harsh or cold weather, as well as providing additional pockets for your small tools and equipment.

    Our stylish work sweatshirts and fleeces can be worn on their own or as a mid-layer underneath jackets for extra warmth. This type of workwear is made from high quality materials and are hard wearing and comfortable with a large range of movement which allows you to carry out your work without any discomfort. The main benefit of fleece material is its effectiveness at trapping body heat and therefore keeping the wearer warm. The synthetic fabric is generally made out of polyester. Styles can include over the head sweatshirts and options with reinforced arms for maximum comfort.

    RS have a great range of workwear including work jackets, fleece jackets, sweatshirts, and fleeces. We have curated our range to offer a comprehensive variety of options, with fleeces, sweatshirts, and hooded sweatshirts available in a range sizes, colours, and materials. Our fleeces and sweatshirts are available for men and women with sizes ranging from XS to XXXL. With several styles and colours available, our range includes products from some of the leading brands in workwear, such as, DeWalt, Dickies, Helly Hansen, Parade, Scruffs, Snickers, Timberland and our very own professional brand, RS PRO.

    Sweatshirts and fleeces offer you an extra layer of warmth when you are working in cold environments. They can be worn in various applications including both indoors and outdoors to help retain the heat and keep you warm at work.

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