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    Hi Vis Jackets

    High visibility (Hi-Vis) jackets, vests and waistcoats all fall under the category of safety workwear or PPE (personal protective equipment) clothing and are worn in many different workspaces and environments providing visibility and protection to the wearer.

    Our quality range of jackets, all which are hi-vis are designed to keep you seen, safe and protected whilst you work, as well as keeping you warm and dry from the elements. Hi-Vis jackets are constructed from durable, waterproof and windproof materials, typically softshell, making them suitable to wear in most weather conditions, whilst still being comfortable and washable.

    Hi-Vis typically have yellow or orange as their primary colours, as these are both very starkly visible colours even in daylight, with reflective tape or strips attached to the jacket to catch any nearby light and improve the wearer's visibility. This is especially important in low-visibility situations, such as darkness or in poor weather. Two-tone, hi-vis options are also available.

    There are a variety of jacket designs and styles to choose from, all hi-vis including: parkas, bomber jackets and hooded jackets, all of which can additionally feature multi-functional storage pockets. Our curated range includes products from industry-leading brands such as Delta Plus, Dickies and RS PRO.

    Key Features

    • Jacket sizes range from small to XXXL
    • Conform to EN ISO standards
    • Some high visibility jackets have a fleece lining for extra warmth

    Options to consider

    • Hi-Vis orange or yellow clothing
    • Parka, Bomber jacket and hooded styles of workwear
    • Waterproof options
    • Cotton or polyester linings available
    • Jackets, waistcoat and vests are other items of hi-vis workwear.


    Hi-Vis are worn in a number of industries and workplaces, including but not limited to: industrial workspaces, construction sites, warehouses, traffic control, highway repair and maintenance, postal workers and engineers. They are deemed an essential item of safety workwear.

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