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    Carabiners, also known as Karabiners and climbing clips, an important part of PPE fall arrest and fall protection equipment, not only used in sporting activities like rock climbing, mountaineering and sailing but a wealth of industrial applications from construction, roofing, high rise window cleaning, telecommunications. When working at height a carabiner is valuable, locking pieces of equipment together from tool lanyards and tool holders, belts, fall arrest harnesses and lanyards, they prevent pieces of equipment from falling when working at height and causing injury. Normally made of metal, aluminium and stainless steel with various locking mechanisms from snap hook closing to screwgate. Always read and follow manufacturers advice and instructions regarding weight capacities, and EU standards for your chosen carabiner ensuring your safety.

    Heavy duty carabiners can be used with safety ropes and cables to the lightweight, securing tools providing quick and easy access to all equipment.

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