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    Uvex Goggles

    Uvex goggles are a type of safety goggles that protect the eyes and area surrounding the eyes from water, dust, particles, bright light, flying shards, chemical splashes, smoke and corrosive liquids. As well as great protection for your eyes these goggles also offer incredible comfortable and style and Uvex's pioneering lens coating are permanent even after repeated cleaning.

    RS have a great range of safety eyewear for protection from flying debris including Uvex sporty designs that are ergonomic and extremely comfortable to wear meaning that you can get on with your daily work without distraction.

    Uvex Safety goggles features can include:

    • Anti-mist
    • Anti-fog
    • Adjustable straps
    • Anti-scratch lens
    • Choice of clear lenses or grey lenses
    • UV protection (e.g. UV 400 protection)
    • Choice of frame colours
    • Uvex supravision coating technology - provides a clear field of vision even in extreme climates
    • Compact lightweight design
    • Can be used with other PPE - some styles can be worn with disposable respirators and helmets
    • Wide vision
    • Non-slip earpieces (Uvex duoComponent technology) prevent pressure points
    • Flexible wide-vision goggles - suitable for use as overspecs
    • Vented
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