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    JSP Ear Defenders

    JSP ear defenders (also known as earmuffs) are personal protective equipment (PPE) that are designed to protect ears from noise pollution by reducing the level of sound which reaches them. It is essential that employers must eliminate or reduce the risk that employees face from being exposed to loud noise to order to help protect their hearing. All ear defenders carry an SNR rating (Single Number Rating) which is the European industry-recognised standard level of protection offered. JSP ear defenders have an SNR ranging from 25dB to 37dB and offer great performance and comfort for long periods of use.

    Ear defenders feature hard cups which fit over the ears, with soft cushions on the rims to comfortably grip them in place. The padding on the ear defender is made from acoustic foam. They can be fitted with a headband or clip on to the sides of a hard hat.

    RS stock a vast range of PPE including JSP ear defenders for all your hearing protection requirements. JSB offers ear defenders with either a headband or types that can be attached to a helmet which aresuitable for light industrial duty and outdoor construction. The JSP Sonis range of ear defenders has been stylishly designed with a traffic light colour code for easy identification and the wearer can tilt and adjust the position of the cup for optimum comfort and fit. The universal slots of JSP helmets allow for easy fitting of the Sonis ear defenders as well as the visor system for maximum protection.

    Typical Applications:

    JSB ear defenders are a type of hearing protection used to shield people from harsh noise levels. They can be used for various applications and below are some of the most common areas:

    • Airports
    • Factories
    • Construction
    • Industrial applications
    • Heavy engineering
    • Quarrying
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