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    Correction Fluids

    Correction fluids (also known as white-out) are paper-coloured liquids used to cover unwanted marks made by ink pensor typewriters. You apply the fluid using a small brush or felt tip contained in the lid, or it can be applied as a pen. When the fluid dries, it looks just like paper, and can be written over again. If you make a photocopy of the original sheet, the mistake is invisible. It's used as a convenient method of quickly and effectively hiding errors or making amendments to original documents.

    Key features of correction fluids

    Correction fluids dry in seconds, so you can make corrections to your text or plans quickly and simply. Using correction fluid means you don't have to throw away documents on the basis of a small mistake. It helps save paper and is easy to apply.

    What are correction fluids used for?

    Professionals and individuals use correction fluids to make minor changes to handwritten, drawn or typed documents, avoiding the need for redrafts. In technical drawing, planning or mapping, correction fluids can be employed to delete unwanted lines.

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