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    China Markers

    What is a China Marker?A China marker is also known as a grease pencil, wax pencil or china graph pencil. China markers have a hardened coloured wax core instead of lead and can be used to mark a range of non-porous materials. These pencils do not need sharpening, when the nib becomes blunt a tear string is pulled to expose more of the waxBenefits• Can be used on a wide range of materials without damaging or scratching the surface• Moisture and fade resistant• Can be used on wet surfaces• Peel off strips eliminate need for sharpening• Can be wiped from surfaces with paper towelApplicationsChina markers are ideal for marking glass, metal, china, polished stone, plastic and other glazed, lacquered or polished surfaces. These pencils can also be used on glossy photographic paper, x-rays and audio tape and film. Craftsmen often use china markers as they do not scratch the surfaces they are used on. In chemistry laboratories these pencils can be used to label glassware

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