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    Name Badges

    Name badges or ID badges are identification badges typically used by workers, employees, staff, or people belonging to a defined group, and identify the wearer for security or authorisation purposes. These printed cards would usually have the photo of the person including name and staff details.

    What are name badges used for?

    Name badges enhance security by ensuring that access to facilities such as offices, factories or certain defined areas within them, is granted only to those with permission. They can either be displayed by the bearer when necessary or mounted on a holder and worn around the neck or on the body by a clip. An example of a lanyard is a durable badge holder which fastens the security identity badge in place using a spring hook and worn around the neck.

    Types of name badges

    ID card holders can be made of plastic, transparent rigid PVC or acrylic and can come with clips. Certain badges have advanced security features as they are sealed for optimum protection of the magnetic strip that is used to swipe a device or door to gain entry, and protect the badge from being removed and duplicated.

    Who uses name badges?

    These identification badges are seen as essential for all types of business and organisations as security is very important especially identification and access control where computers and networks are stored.CompaniesHospitals/NHSAirportsMuseumsSchools and UniversitiesGovernment officesBanking

    What information should show on name


    Below are some ideas, remember too much information on such a small area could make the card hard to authenticate:Company Logo, name, detailsCardholder name, photo ID, signatureStaff ID number, job titleBarcodeSecurity access level''If lost…'' return to details

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