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    PC Stands

    Customise your workspace with our extensive range of desktop computer mounts and accessorises.

    What types of accessories are available?

    Desktop Booster: A bad back, a stiff neck, restless legs, providing the opportunity to exercise more at your desk, this add-on, allows you to transform your desk into a height-adjustable, ergonomic standing workstation.

    Mini PC Holder: If you use a desktop computer, but only have a small desk or workstation, a mini-PC holder is an effective solution for you. Attach it underneath the table board to hold your hardware and free up space on top. With strong steel constructions, they are durable and resistant to damage or wear, so it will support your hardware reliably and last for a long time.

    CPU Holder: If you need to save desk or floor space at work or in your home office, CPU (central processing unit) holders will keep your computer safely secured and out of the way. The easy-to-assemble holders attach to your workstation with screws. The sturdy steel designs hold the CPU suspended under your desk and off the floor. Protecting it from dust and dirt – potentially increasing its lifespan – while keeping the device accessible.

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