Gooseneck Microphones

A gooseneck microphone are a type of adjustable microphone. It has a flexible shaft that can be moved around and adjusted allowing best possible positioning to locate and receive sound. How do they work? The work like any other microphone in that they relay audio sent into the receiver and create an output into a speaker for everyone to hear. The gooseneck has a distinct advantage over other types as it is extremely flexible in nature. Features and benefits: • On/off switches for easy control • Flexible and adjustable for different height levels • Threaded cords make for a clean appearance • Moveable closer to your mouth for the best and clearest audio pickup • Variety of lengths to suit your needs Where might I use one? • On a podium • In a boardroom • Meeting rooms • Conferences

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Description Price Type Directionality/Polar Pattern Frequency Response Maximum Sound Pressure Level Impedance Sensitivity Connector Length Head Diameter Weight Maximum Frequency Response Minimum Frequency Response
RS Stock No. 809-1199
Mfr. Part No.PR049QL
Gooseneck Unidirectional 7 → 16 kHz 134dB 100Ω -37dB XLR 418mm 12mm 84g 16 kHz 70 Hz
RS Stock No. 522-761
Mfr. Part No.PRO49Q
Condenser Unidirectional 70 Hz → 16 kHz 134dB 100Ω -37dB XLR 332mm 12mm 80g 16 kHz 70 Hz
RS Stock No. 809-1196
Mfr. Part No.AT8646QM
Shock Mount Plate - - - - - XLR 78mm - 64g - -