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    Shaft Collars

    Shaft Collars, also known as locking collars or shaft clamps are circular metal or plastic components that fit onto a shaft. Simple in design these components are one of the most important machine components in industry today. Collars are typically used for securing bearings and sprockets on a shaft, locating components in motor and gearbox assemblies, or alternatively as a mechanical stop.

    RS offer an extensive range of high-quality shaft collars from leading brands including Ruland, Huco and, of course, RS PRO. All designed, tested and, manufactured to the latest industry standards.

    What are the different types of Shaft collars?

    There are two main types of collars, set screw and clamp. Each is designed to fix to the shaft in a different way.

    Set screw

    Set screw collars are attached to a shaft with screws. The screws are tightened and bite into the shaft itself. They work better when the shaft is made from a material that is softer than the screws themselves. Set screw collars possess impressive holding power and high torque capacities While this type of collar is still used, the screws can damage the shaft and leave indentations making it difficult to reposition or remove the collars.


    Clamping collars are mounted onto the shaft using the compression method locking it securely into place. This type of collar has many benefits over the set screw type making them a more popular choice. They are easy to fit and do not cause damage to the shaft itself. Clamping collars have exceptional holding power due to the even distribution of force on the shaft. Clamping collars can be a one-piece or two-piece design.

    One piece

    Shaft collars use screw clamps to tighten the collar to the shaft, these can be used on split hub applications.


    Shaft collars can be used when it is difficult to install a one-piece collar. They offer the same benefits with the added convenience when installing. Clamp-style collars offer a no-tool option, they are adjusted by hand are ideal for light-duty applications where frequent change or adjustments are needed.

    Shaft collars have a wide range of threaded bore sizes and shaft diameters usually measured in mm. A well-designed shaft collar fixes to its corresponding shaft with precision and reliability, whether it is a screw or a clamp version.

    Shaft collars are available in different materials. They are usually made from different types of steel; stainless steel, aluminium steel, or alloyed steel, you can also buy non-metal shaft collars such as nylon in a variety of finishes including black oxide finish and gloss.

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