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    Tactical Torches

    Tactical torches are a multiple purpose tool used for both illuminating spaces as well as helping to protect a user in any number of situations. Available in a range of sizes, from smaller compact units suitable for personal day to day use along with larger more application-specific torches.

    Typically made of aircraft-grade aluminium, tactical flashlights are robust and can withstand regular day to day use as well as more harsh and challenging environments. Along with their robust construction, many tactical units are finished with a tough anodised finish to add another level of protection.

    A tactical torch can be a personal protection tool in a range of ways. The main tactical use of this style of the torch is its extremely high powered super-bright light output. This high lumen output can be used to disorientate a person, especially at close range. Some torches have both a solid on and a flashing or strobe function, this allows the user to have the option of solid on for normal use while having the strobe option if they are in distress. The robust construction on larger torches can also provide a self-defence tool.

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