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    Inspection Lamps

    Inspection lamps and lights are high-quality lamps suitable for the precise visual inspection of instruments and objects. They improve visibility by providing exceptional brightness, allowing the user with a higher level of accuracy and precision while carrying out detailed work. Inspection lamps vary from small, battery-operated torches or pen-style lights to larger lamps hooks or other fastening methods to secure the light in position, either from above or on an adjustable mount. Inspection lights are ideal as work lights for engineers who need to inspect difficult-to-access areas that aren't reached by other available light sources, such as natural light or already present overhead lighting.

    Our curated range of inspection lamps features products from industry-leading brands, including Ansmann, Facom, Unilite, Waldmann and our own RS PRO.

    Who uses inspection lamps and lights?

    These multi-purpose inspection lights are used by many industries that require directable light sources in order to improve visibility in cramped or dark spaces, including:

    • Construction
    • Engineers and electricians
    • Plumbing
    • Manufacturing
    • Hospitals
    • Dentists
    • Automotive Garages
    • Electronics Industries

    What types of inspection lamps are available?

    Almost all inspection lights are equipped with a long-lasting and rechargeable or replaceable battery to ensure they provide a reliable light source in cramped or hard-to-access areas where cables cannot reach or be used. Some types do not require batteries and can be charged via USB or DC and AC sources. Some of the larger lamps are mains powered only, and hands-free lamps are also available with hooks and magnets incorporated to secure them in desired positions.

    Our inspection lamps can be categorised into three main varieties:

    • LED Inspection Lamps - LED lamps provide bright, white light for high visibility and a high level of energy efficiency.
    • Fluorescent Lamps - Durable, powerful lighting with a long operational life.
    • Incandescent and Halogen - Versatile lights fitted with halogen and incandescent bulbs to provide great illumination and have a high resistance to failure.
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