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    Head Torches

    Head torches allow you to work hands-free in almost any dark environment. By attaching a torch to your head or a helmet via a head strap, your hands are kept available to ensure you can work safely. Head torches can often feature various modes including strobe and floodlight, to accommodate various applications.

    Where can I use a head torch?

    Head torches are used in a wide range of professional and home activities, both indoor and outdoor including:

    • Camping
    • Walking/Jogging
    • DIY
    • Automotive repairs
    • Engineering
    • Hiking
    • Cycling
    • Caving
    • Maintenance

    What are beam types?

    Available with a range of beam types, head torches can feature one or more variations to suit a range of applications making them extremely versatile. Some head torches will have beam types that are switchable by the user where other, more simple head torches will have a single fixed beam type. 

    Flood - A large beam pattern suitable for illumination open spaces especially when light is unavailable such as in caves or at night.

    Spot - A focused, narrow beam ideal for detail work or when doing maintenance in low light spaces such as in access spaces or under the stairs. 

    Flashing - Perfect for personal safety, whether on a job site or out for a bike ride, a built-in flashing function can ensure you're always seen no matter the circumstance. 

    High/Low - This adjustable beam function allows you to switch between two or more brightness levels. Benefits such as battery saving when a small amount of light is needed or additional light levels when there really is no other light source mean you'll never be in the dark again.

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