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    ABB Lighting Controllers

    ABB lighting controllers are intelligently designed to effectively automate and control lighting systems. ABB are a market leading manufacturer who provide high-quality lighting controllers, and are known for their reliability, integration capabilities, and advanced features. From industrial facilities, commercial buildings, and residential settings, ABB lighting controllers can be used to enhance the functionality and efficiency of lighting systems in many applications. Whether you need a surface mount, flush mount, or DIN rail mount lighting controller, ABB have got you covered.

    What types of lighting controllers are there?

    When choosing a lighting controller, it is important to consider a few factors, such as the controller type, mount type, sensor type, and dimming protocols.

    Lighting Controller Types

    ABB offer numerous controller types, including:
    • Dimming Controller: Used where variable light intensity is required, like in theatres, restaurants, and residential settings. They can control the dimming level based on the user input or automated schedules and are generally compatible with a range of dimming protocols such as 0-10V, phase-cut dimming, or DALI.
    • Gateway:Often used in to integrate lighting control in building automation systems with other systems like security and HVAC. Gateway lighting controllers translate signals between standards, like KNX and DALI, to control, monitor, and allow for remote access through the internet.
    • General Lighting Controller:Versatile and reliable, these controller types can be used in many environments, including industrial facilities, commercial buildings, and residential buildings, for a variety of applications. They generally enable roader automation by integrating with building management systems.
    • Sensor:Sensor lighting controllers use sensor inputs, like light levels, or motion, to automate lighting control. These are a great option in energy-saving applications to reduce energy consumption and extend the lifespan of the lighting system.
    • Switch Actuator:By controlling the power state of lighting circuits, switch actuators provide binary control. This is required in outdoor lighting, emergency lighting systems, and basic lighting installations.

    Dimming Protocols

    ABB offer a rang of dimming protocols, including:
    • 0-10V Controllers: These are one of the most common forms of lighting controllers. The 0-10V controllers essentially control the dimming function, where a DC voltage in controlled from 0 V to 10 V.

    Sensor Types

    Different sensor types serve different purposes. ABB offer both light and temperature sensors which contribute to saving energy.
    • Light Sensor: Optimise lighting based on the levels of natural light adjusts artificial lighting.
    • Temperature Sensor: Monitor the room temperature and, based on the temperature threshold, the lighting controller adjusts the artificial lighting.
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