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    LED Grow Lights

    Grow lights, also known as plant lights, are used to aid the growth of plants in indoor environments and can be designed either to simulate the full spectrum of light frequencies present in real daylight or provide a tailored combination of light frequencies better suited to the plants being grown. They are used in various stages of plant growth, from the vegetative or germination stage through to the fruiting or flowering stage, and can be used in both commercial and domestic settings.

    Our range of grow lights features various models of lighting and bracketing systems from Intelligent LED and Intelligent Horticultural Solutions.

    What are grow lights used for?

    Grow lights are used to help the growth and cultivation of indoor plants by providing an uninterrupted light source. These lights can be a sun-like white light that provides the full spectrum of light frequencies, or they can be tailored to only provide particular frequencies. Studies have shown that plants can be particularly affected by the red, green and blue frequencies in the visible light spectrum.

    Grow lights are used for a variety of plant types and industries, including food producing plants, aquatic plants, plant propagation and indoor hydroponics systems.

    How do grow lights work?

    Grow lights have been used to aid the indoor cultivation and growth of plants for a long time, with the technology adapting over time to be more effective, efficient and economical. Reflectors are often used in combination with eliminating as much space between each plant as possible to ensure each plant receives equal lighting. This also prevents any of the light's coverage area being 'wasted' on the surrounding environment as opposed to shining directly on the plants.

    What are LED grow lights?

    LED grow lights are comprised of several rows of individual LEDs (light emitting diodes) and are the most recent adaptation of grow light technology. LED grow lights typically have their own heat sink and built-in fans to prevent any damage caused by overheating, and normally don't require a separate ballast, allowing them to be plugged directly into the mains power supply. All of this comes together to make LED grow lights some of the most energy efficient available, as they do not require any additional equipment for temperature control.

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