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    Elektronik Heatsink Mounting Accessories

    Heatsink mounting accessories support the attachment of heatsinks to their components. Heatsinks are passive heat exchangers: they take the heat generated by electrical or mechanical devices and transfer it to a disposable medium, often liquid coolant or air. There's a wide selection of heatsink mounting accessories, including clips, adhesive tape, retaining springs, hi-flow insulators and graphite pads. Choosing the right mounting accessories can improve your heatsink's performance.

    Types of heatsink mounting accessories

    A range of heatsink mounting accessories is available, depending on your needs. Spring clips can be used with all sizes of vertical-mount heatsinks where transistors have no mounting tabs. Heatsink spring mount rivets are used to fasten a heatsink to a processor on a printed circuit board. They provide continuous pressure to a heatsink to improve the conductivity. For an alternative to screw mounting and clip mounting, adhesive tape allows a double-sided high bond-strength attachment.

    Why use heatsink mounting accessories?

    Heatsink mounting accessories provide greater reliability within your cooling system and ensure it can operate to its best ability. The right accessories can also contribute to reduced energy use and lower costs.

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