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    Rittal Thermostats

    Rittal celebrates a history of pioneering innovation in the design of enclosures. A guiding principle to provide quality configured enclosures has established Rittal as a trusted choice for enclosure thermostats.

    What are enclosure thermostats?

    Enclosure thermostats are specialised temperature regulating devices used to control the temperature inside of enclosures and wall boxes. The thermostat monitors ambient temperature using either a digital sensor or a mechanical metallic element. The desired temperature is set, which the thermostat maintains by engaging installed air conditioning units, fans, and heat exchangers when it's exceeded, disengaging them once the temperature has been reduced sufficiently.

    Why are enclosure thermostats useful?

    As electrical devices housed in enclosures generate a lot of heat, enclosure thermostats are an important consideration for thermal management. They can prevent malfunction, as excessive or immoderate temperature can cause housed devices to fail. Providing a stable temperature also prevents the formation of condensation, a significant risk to exposed circuitry that can be damaged from water contact.

    Employing an enclosure thermostat is a convenient measure to automate temperature regulation, the device operates cooling and heating equipment without the need of human interference. It additionally reduces energy usage, as the thermostat disengages the equipment when it's not needed.

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