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    Sanyo Denki Axial Fans

    Sanyo Denki began the development of its San Ace series in 1965, manufacturing pioneering axial fans that would afford the company its enormous success. Since its introduction, the San Ace series has become characterised by performance and reliability. Sanyo Denki remains an innovator dedicated to customer satisfaction, pursuing designs with reduced energy consumption and improved efficiency.

    Choose the perfect Sanyo Denki axial fan from our selection with varying fan speeds, power consumption, sizes, and supply voltages.

    Efficient ventilators for commercial, domestic, and industrial applications

    Axial fans can be distinguished by the direction in which they expel air; they move air axially at an angle parallel to the point around which the fan rotates. Axial fans are used to regulate temperature by increasing the movement of air, this reduces the temperature of objects within their vicinity as heat can be transferred from the objects to the surrounding air more efficiently. Axial fans can additionally serve as extractor fans to expel air from an enclosed environment, which similarly reduces temperature.

    Axial fans are utilised for numerous applications. They commonly feature as exhausts in computer and server units, for which they can also be mounted in the cabinets in which they are stored to provide additional thermal management capabilities. Axial fans are favoured as they move a proportionally large amount of air when compared to other fan types, such as centrifugal fans for example. This allows them to efficiently prevent malfunction in both small and large electrical installations by maintaining optimum operating temperatures.

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