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    Bahco Tool Chests & Tool Cabinets

    When it comes to storing your tools, investing in Bahco's larger storage solutions such as tool chests and cabinets is ideal for workshops, garages, or tradesmen on the move. Whether you're working in a larger space, like a production floor or a forecourt, or you're traveling between jobs with a substantial collection of tools, bits, and accessories, Bahco's transportable storage solutions help you work efficiently.

    Why should I get a Bahco tool chest or cabinet?

    For the secure storage and transportation of your tools and accessories, a tool box might not suffice; instead, a Bahco tool chest or cabinet may be the optimal solution. This is especially true if you frequently work at different stations throughout your workshop or tackle larger projects where having your tools beside you is crucial. Bahco tool chests and cabinets keep your essentials neat, organised, and within easy reach, whether you're operating in a garage, workshop, or on a factory floor.

    Bahco's tool chests and cabinets feature drawers with ball bearing slides for smooth operation. Some models also have locking systems that ensure your drawers stay closed during transit or can remain open for quick tool access. Tool trays and drawer liners further enhance organisation, allowing you to find the tools you need easily and quickly identify any missing items.

    What models are available?

    Bahco offers a range of storage solutions, including plastic, stainless steel, and aluminium models, ensuring your tools remain safe and secure.

    Many Bahco cabinets feature central locking systems for extra security, protecting your tools from theft and keeping drawers locked during transit. Tool chests often include padlock hasps for added security when not in use.

    For enhanced mobility, Bahco provides mobile cabinets, wheeled workstations, and maintenance trolleys, all designed to keep your tools organised and accessible. Many Bahco tool chests come with castors, improving workplace efficiency by allowing easy movement. Bahco offer cabinats from 4 to 12 draws to fix your needs.

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