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    Pipe Wrenches

    Use pipe wrenches for turning pipes and fittings with a rounded surface. These heavy-duty hand tools are designed with a dual toothed jaw, one fixed and the other adjustable vertically to grip pipes and tubular objects. Pipe wrenches are also known as a plumbers wrench or Stillson wrench. Our range includes leading brands such as Bahco, Ega-Master, Facom, Irwin & Knipex.

    What are the benefits of using a wrench?

    Pipe wrenches are incredibly strong, the ideal one-tool solution for multiple size fasteners and fixings plus they are easy to adjust to the required size. A pipe wrench is capable of delivering high levels of torque transfer even with one hand operation, perfect for non-standard fittings.

    What are they made from?

    Our range of pipe wrench handles is made materials such as alloy steel, beryllium copper, forged steel & chrome vanadium steel.


    These pipe wrenches can be used across a wide range of applications due to their functionality and versatility to easily and quickly adjust to different sizes fasteners. They are an essential piece of equipment for professional and DIY enthusiasts.

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