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    Angled Socket Spanners

    An angled socket spanner, also known as an angled socket wrench or angled ratchet wrench, is a specialized hand tool used for tightening or loosening fasteners in confined or hard-to-reach areas. It is designed with a built-in angle or bend in the handle, which allows the socket end to be positioned at an angle relative to the handle.

    This tool is particularly useful when working in tight spaces where a straight socket wrench or other conventional tools cannot be easily maneuvered. The angled design allows the user to access fasteners that are obstructed by obstacles or limited in vertical or horizontal clearance.

    Angled socket spanners are commonly used in automotive, machinery, and equipment maintenance, where access to bolts, nuts, or other fasteners may be challenging due to cramped engine compartments, complex machinery arrangements, or tight corners. They offer improved reach and flexibility, making them a valuable addition to any toolkit in situations that require working at angles or in confined spaces.

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