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    Gedore Sockets

    Gedore as a company take care to create a finer product, with a high-end standard and finish. They produce tools that will be tailored perfectly to your workplace and manufacture everything with great precision and care, to create a product that you will love. You can rely on Gedore to create products that are hardwearing and are able to serve your workplace needs for longer.

    Sockets are tubular head attachments that can be attached to drills, drivers and other tools that have output drive heads, and they are used for the adjustment of tightness in nuts and bolts. They are best suited to engineering, maintenance, and technological roles.

    It is important to assess the attributes you require for your personal tools and workplace setup, including the sizes of your products to match you to the Gedore socket that it would fit.

    What options are there for the different types of Gedore Sockets?

    There are different qualities to choose from with Gedore sockets, so you can choose the best product for you, these attributes include:

    • Socket sizes
    • Drive sizes
    • Socket types
    • Drive types
    • Overall lengths
    • Bit lengths
    • Finishes
    • Materials
    • Grips

    You can choose from these qualities to find the best product personalised for your toolkit.

    What are the benefits of Gedore sockets?

    There are many different reasons why you should choose Gedore sockets, these include:

    • Different materials to choose from with the option of a polished look – you can get your desired style
    • You can get a gripped socket – for easier removal and application of the socket
    • Great quality product – will last for longer and will withstand harsher exposure
    • A brand you can trust – Gedore is well established in the industry as it has advanced products that will make a great addition to your collection
    • Professional – these products are tested to the highest standards to meet your needs and safety standards

    By choosing a Gedore socket, you can be assured that you will receive a high quality, thoroughly tested product, made with care and personalised especially for your workplace.

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