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    Impact Driver Bits

    Screwdriver bits provide the user with a mix of the most commonly used screwdriver bits, making them a desirable addition to your tool kit. Screwdriver bits and bit sets typically consist of Phillips, Slotted, Pozidriv and Torx bits and a bit holder. It is important to have the right tool for the job and screwdriver bit sets offer a variety of bits for various screw types. Having a set of screwdriver bits offers an all purpose approach by having all the necessary bits in place if you need to change screw type.

    RS have a great range of screwdriver bits as well as screwdriver bit sets which can contain up to 100 pieces. We offer lengths ranging from 25 mm to 175 mm which can be used with compatible power drills and screwdrivers.

    How do they work?

    Screwdriver bits rely upon the physical strengths of the operator to deliver accurate force when turning a screw clockwise or anti clockwise via a screwdriver handle. Corded/cordless drill drivers, Impact drivers and ratchet screwdrivers can also be used with the appropriate torque setting.

    What materials are screwdriver bits made from?

    They are typically made from steel and have a variety of different coatings such as Black Oxide, Titanium and Diamond.

    Impact Screwdriver Bits

    These are designed for use with impact drivers and help to reduce slipping. Ideal for cabinet making, joinery, assembly, and fixings.


    • Impact
    • Bi Torsion - tempered to reduce the hardness of the shaft for greater durability
    • General Purpose


    • Plumbers
    • Electricians
    • Mechanics
    • Network Engineers
    • DIY
    • Around the home
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