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    Scalpel Blades

    Scalpel blades are small and extremely sharp tools mainly used in medical procedures but can be used for a variety of other applications outside of the medical field. Commonly made from carbon steel or stainless steel due to their sterile qualities, scalpel blades are also designed to be strong and snap-resistant during use without hindering the high levels of precision expected from these tools. While you may not require your blades to be sterile for your application, it can be beneficial to know that stainless and carbon steels are incredibly hygienic.

    As with all blades and knives, you should strive to keep your scalpel blades in dry, clean conditions between uses. This will help to prevent rust occurring on the blade and will help to maintain the durability of the blade for longer.

    What are Scalpel Blades used for?

    Aside from the medical uses which they are perhaps most well-known for, scalpel blades can be used in a wide variety of other applications that require precision cutting or incisions. They are popular tools among arts and crafts hobbyists, as well as graphic designers, prototype makers, modelists, woodcarvers, leather cutters and even photographers.

    Our range of scalpel blades at RS can be used in a variety of ways and come in different sizes and blade shapes to suit your requirements. Depending on the type of scalpel handle you are using, you can purchase disposable, single-use blades or multi-use blades.

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