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    Cutting Mats

    Cutting mats are available in various sizes and are used to protect workbenches and table tops in workshops and similar spaces to protect the surface beneath from being damaged or marked. Typically made from rubber, cutting mats are often used during cutting applications as the soft material absorbs the cutting force and the plastic inner core prevents cuts going through into the work surface. They are also non-slip, providing a stable surface for intricate, detailed work.

    The rubber of the cutting mat also prevents the knife blade from dulling quickly, ensuring long product life. Self-healing cutting mats are also available, called as such due to the fact that the rubber recloses after cuts had been made.

    Who uses cutting mats?

    Cutting mats are used across a wide range of industries and applications that require small cutting actions. This includes electricians, sign makers, plumbers, jewellery makers, printers, and home crafts enthusiasts.

    Cutting mats can also be used as a stable, non-slip table protector in applications that do not necessarily use cutting, such as soldering. Cutting mats can also feature grid lines to help with precision work.

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