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    Bessey Clamps

    Clamps are probably some of the most useful tools in any workshop - not only are they ideal for gripping and holding workpieces in place during drilling, cutting and shaping, but they're also extremely handy when doubling as handles to support large, bulky or uncomfortable objects like full timber boards or thin metal sheets.

    Our extended catalogue of clamps, vices and other gripping tools includes dozens of variations on the famed Bessey brand's numerous bestselling models, including:

    • C-Clamps/G-Clamps
    • F-clamps
    • Sash clamps
    • Toggle clamps
    • Bar clamps
    • Screw clamps
    • Lever clamps

    Why choose Bessey clamps in particular?

    A longstanding global toolmaker and renowned clamp specialist, Bessey began life as a family-owned company founded in Germany in 1889, from where the brand quickly gained an international reputation as a producer of world-class steel products.

    Bessey clamps first came to the attention of discerning workers and craftspeople in the 1930s, when the company launched its first line of malleable cast iron bar clamps. All-steel L-clamps followed in the 1950s, and over the following decades their specialisation focused increasingly on refining what was already a winning formula in terms of build quality, longevity and ease of use.

    Today, Bessey clamps are among the most popular hand clamps in the world, widely used in the metal and woodworking industries of more than 100 countries, and with a deserved reputation for the ideal balance of power, grip and delicacy.

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