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    Siemens Bottle Fuse Holders

    Siemens Bottle Fuse Holders, also known as D fuse holders, are made to hold and secure a cylindrical bottle fuse, they are a type of electrical circuit protection ensuring a wrong fuse is not used, creating a complete circuit. Bottle Fuse Holders comprise of a base and a cap, that secure and connect a bottle fuse, or a D fuse to a circuit.

    How do Bottle Fuse Holders work?

    Siemens Bottle Fuse Holders are used as part of a circuit and provide a space for bottle fuses to be connected to the circuit. Bottle fuse holders contain a link that will break in the event of a short circuit or overload in order to protect the devices that are connected.

    Types of Bottle Fuse Holders?

    Siemens Bottle Fuse Holders come in varying sizes with different sized ends to accommodate the differing bottle fuse sizes that can be used. Bottle Fuse Holders also have a range of different voltages and currents, along with the number of poles and mounting styles, including the DIN Rail Mount.

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