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    Eaton SPDs - Surge Protection Devices

    Don't let voltage spikes or surges in your power supply spark disaster for your electronic devices and equipment, protect them with a surge protection device (SPD) from Eaton.

    Excess voltage in your electrical circuits can cause damage to connected devices and can also pose a serious safety hazard through the risk of causing electrical fires. An SPD is a great way to minimise those risks. How does an SPD work? Well, this type of protective device works by simply diverting excess voltage away when it's detected, usually routing it to the ground or to a neutral wire. They do this by acting as a low-resistance path for the current to follow. This reduces the amount of voltage that your other devices experience, saving the day.

    As global power management experts you can rely on Eaton's SPDs to safeguard your electronic equipment in the face of troublesome transients. Their offer here at RS includes both surge arrester type SPDs and surge protector type SPDs. You'll find surge protectors used to protect individual devices, installed at the point of use. Surge arresters may be used to protect entire electrical systems, or specific equipment. They are installed at the point of entry or within the electrical system to intercept high-energy surges.

    Eaton's popular FAZ range of SPDs includes handy features and benefits such as: red/green indicator lights for contact positioning, simple installation, safe operation with six levels of thermal magnetic overcurrent protection, and trip-free design.

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