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    Eaton MCCBs

    For superior protection for your circuits and a safer working environment, choose an MCCB from Eaton here at RS.

    What's an MCCB?

    Moulded Case Circuit Breakers, also called MCCBs, are a type of electrically operated switch which defends an electrical circuit against overcurrent damage, such as from a short-circuit event or overload. How do they do this? Well, when an electrical fault occurs the MCCB interrupts the flow of current. You can then reset the unit once the fault has been rectified.

    What's the difference between an MCB and an MCCB?

    MCBs are rated under 100 amps with an interrupting rating of under 18,000 amps and are largely used for low-energy requirements. An MCCB would typically provide amps as high as 2500 or as low as 10, depending on the application. The interrupting rating of MCCBs ranges from around 10,000 amps to 200,000 amps. An MCCB is therefore more suited for high-power applications.

    Eaton's offer includes the NZM1 and NZM2 series MCCBs, from the digital NZM range of compact circuit breakers for energy distribution systems. The Eaton NZM1 and NZM2 models come with advanced features such as thermal-magnetic tripping technology, adjustable time selectivity, predictive maintenance, and earth fault protection. Some versions also come with on-board diagnostics and data logging, so you can monitor circuits without adding extra hardware. These helpful circuit breakers are designed for universal use, making them a versatile option for many applications such as small distribution boards, machine controls, motor-starter combinations, and even large power management systems.

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