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    Eaton Memshield 3 Distribution Boards

    For efficient distribution of electrical power, choose from the Eaton Memshield 3 range of distribution boards at RS. Eaton's Memshield 3 range of boards has been designed with safety and reliability in mind, and you can count on them for high performance. They feature a removable main busbar, welded steel enclosure, and 180° door opening. They can be used in a diverse range of applications in commercial buildings, making them a versatile choice.

    What is the purpose of a distribution board?

    Also referred to as distribution panels, these boards function as a central point or hub where electrical power is received from the main supply and then distributed to various devices or areas. They are a vital component of an electrical system in a building or facility. Using a distribution board can enable easy monitoring, management, and maintenance of the system via a centralised location. They can also include circuit protection devices like MCBs and RCBOs, which help to protect the system and equipment against electrical faults.

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