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    Tork Toilet Rolls

    With Tork Toilet Rolls, you can provide your employees and guests with some home-comfort in the workplace. As an advocate for sustainability, Tork toilet paper rolls are designed to meet sustainable certifications, whilst providing a premium and high-quality feel to toilet paper.

    Various Sizes of Tork Toilet Rolls

    The roll size is an important factor to consider when picking the right Tork toilet roll size for your Tork Toilet Roll Dispenser. Read on to find out more about what the different sizes of Tork Toilet Rolls offer:
    • Jumbo: Tork's high-capacity Jumbo toilet rolls maximise washroom efficiency by reducing the risk of paper shortages in your workplace, saving you time on maintenance upkeep. For high traffic washrooms, Tork Jumbo Toilet Rolls are a great choice.
    • Mid-Size: Achieve high guest satisfaction with the Tork Mid-Size Toilet Rolls. These are ideal for all you low to medium traffic washrooms.
    • Mini: Available in the Tork's SmartOne Advanced system, the Tork Mini toilet rolls provide single sheets of high-quality soft tissue, enabling reduced consumption and further minimising pipe blockages.
    • Mini Jumbo: The Tork Mini Jumbo system offers an exceedingly greater amount of paper than regular rolls, making them ideal to save you money and maintenance time.
    • Conventional: Need standard toilet rolls for your workplace? With the advanced Tork Conventional Toilet Rolls, you can balance the cost and performance for all your low-traffic washrooms.

    What does Ply mean?

    Ply relates to the thickness or layers of the toilet tissue. We offer 1 Ply to 4 Ply.

    The more layers of toilet tissue the higher the ply and the higher the quality of the toilet roll. The higher ply of paper is sometimes branded as soft luxury quilted, softer for everyday use.

    1 Ply = 1 layer of toilet paper.

    2 Ply = 2 layers of toilet paper.

    Rolls of toilet tissue are available in a pack and normally a pack will contain a minimum of 2 toilet rolls. Larger rolls pack sizes are available, and these will contain anywhere from 4 to plus 40 rolls in each pack (a jumbo pack or bulk pack).

    Features & Benefits

    • Better World Product
    • Buy in bulk up to 36 toilet paper rolls in a pack
    • Premium high-quality toilet roll
    • Available in various numbers of ply – 1, 2, or 3 ply
    • Soft and bright toilet tissue for a great impression
    • Bio-degrable and eco-friendly


    Tork toilet rolls can be used in almost any setting, some include:
    • Hospitals
    • Offices
    • Industrial
    • Hotels
    • Foodservice
    • Food Processing
    • Education
    • Manufacturing
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