Security Fencing

Security fencing is the ideal and cost effective way to put up efficient temporary or permanent fencing to provide crowd control or restricting access to a certain area. How does it work?It works depending on the equipment, some feature long metallic pegs that are first secured into the ground, then a wire mesh security fencing may be attached from one end to the other, for the desired effect. Other types of fencing may include tall or short metal alternatives that are usually more permanent fixtures. Features and benefits: Durability and strength Steel constructed fences feature galvanised coat for longer resistance to the weather Presence of fencing deters would-be-thieves Where might I use Security fencing? To build temporary designated car parking areas Around a workspace or construction yard Enclosures for animals Security storage of outdoor equipment such as JCB diggers or trucks Public events such as festivals, parties or events

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Description Price Colour Material Width Diameter Height
RS Stock No. 625-1103
Orange PP 50m - 1m
RS Stock No. 625-1068
1 Lot of 5
- Steel - 14mm 1.2m