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    Vikan Bottle Brushes

    Vikan take pride in producing high quality products, while providing safe cleaning equipment to optimise hygiene standards to the maximum to help you to create a safe environment to work within.

    Vikan bottle brushes can be used in multiple instances for a variety of different objects, these include bottles, tubes, glasses, pipes and more. Vikan bottle brushes are an essential part of any toolset as it is vital to keep surfaces and equipment clean.

    What are the different aspects of Vikan bottle brushes that I can choose from?

    We offer a range of different brush styles so you can get the one best suited to your needs.

    • Different handle and bristle lengths
    • Different bristle widths
    • Different colour options
    • Spiral bristle pattern
    • Straight bristle pattern
    • Different flexibility options
    • Different bristle angles

    How do I know which Vikan bottle brush I need?

    Our Vikan bottle brushes come in a range of different lengths and widths, this allows you to get the brush you need to fit a narrow or wider space, and to choose your brush depending on the surface area you need cleaned at one time.

    By choosing a longer, more narrow brush you would be able to clean tight spaces that would usually be hard to reach with an average brush. Using a longer, thinner, Vikan bottle brush helps you to ensure that you can precisely clean those difficult nooks and crannies in your workspace. For example, this type of brush would be most affective cleaning a small pipe or bottle.

    By choosing a bigger, wider, brush you can clean a larger surface area quicker to save you time and effort to get those spaces that are more readily accessible within your workspace. For example, this type of brush would be most affective cleaning a large tube or pipe.

    Vikan bottle brushes are the perfect accessory to give you a precise, safe, clean without damaging the delicate materials they are exposed to, suitable for cleaning from glass to metal, you can be assured that you will receive the best outcome from this product in a wide variety of workplaces.

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