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    Clean Room Office Supplies

    Cleanroom office supplies are workplace accessories designed to prevent ESD (electrostatic discharge) – the flow of electricity between two electrically charged objects. ESD can cause safety issues and can cause damage to ESD sensitive objects such as PCBs (printed circuit boards).

    Cleanroom supplies are typically used in offices and laboratories. They are designed to keep environments free from dust and other contaminants. They are used mainly for the manufacture of electronic components and other workplaces where protection and control of ESD are needed.

    What are the different types of cleanroom supplies?

    RS offer a selection of equipment and consumables designed to keep your space free from contaminants. Clean room supplies include:

    • ESD bin bags – made from anti-static material for safely disposing of ESD waste.
    • Cleanroom lined notebooks – designed specifically for use within a cleanroom environment. The anti-static coatings prevent a build-up of static charge.
    • Waste bins – made from conductive polypropylene. They're anti-static for use in ESD-protected environments.
    • Document sleeves – made from durable anti-static polypropylene plastic. Designed to prevent static while protecting documents.
    • Cleanroom paper – specially produced paper that is chemical resistant and benefits from low static build-up.
    • Sterile cleanroom pens - no need to surface sanitise your cleanroom writing tools.
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