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    Thermal Insulation

    Thermal insulating materials are engineering materials that reduce the transfer of heat. Due to the low thermal conductivity characteristics, the material is ideal for insulating an area or the protection of equipment by controlling the surface temperatures. Thermal insulation material comes in many forms including sheet, bulk fibre or rods and bars.

    Thermal Insulating Sheet

    Insulating sheets are materials or a mix of materials supplied in rigid board form, or a roll of material that can cut and shaped to a specific size to suit your application. Insulation sheet is supplied in various lengths, widths and thicknesses.

    Where would you find them?

    • Rigid boards - The boards can be used to help insulate and be found inside cavity walls, ceilings and under floors.
    • Sheets - Insulating sheets are used in a wide range of industrial applications. Thinner than it's board alternative, sheets are used for gasket fabrication, insulating inside furnaces, or insulating inside equipment and appliances.

    Rods & Bars

    Thermal insulating rods and bars are made up of a mixture of thermal cement blended with mineral clays and several fibre-based materials and then are fully cured.

    Bulk Fibre

    Bulk fibre insulation is a mass of fibres that are used as a general infill or packing material for roofs and walls for high-temperature applications such as kilns and furnaces. Bulk fibre insulation is similar in appearance to cotton wool.

    What is thermal insulation made from?

    • Fibreglass - Woven finely strands of silicon, glass powder and glass fragments. Care must be taken when using fibreglass. PPE must be worn.
    • Mineral wool - there are 3 types of mineral wool. Glass wool made from recycled glass Rock wool made from basalt Slag wool made from steel industry slag.
    • Cellulose Insulation - Eco-friendly, made from recycled paper, cardboard and others. Compact format and good fire resistance.
    • Polystyrene - waterproof thermoplastic. Excellent sound and temperature insulation. There are 2 types: EPS (expanded) XEPS (Extruded) also called Styrofoam. Other materials found in a thermal insulating sheet are silica, silicate, microporous board, foil and Superwool.
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