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    Bosch Rexroth Conveyor Rollers

    Watch your workstations come together with Bosch Rexroth conveyor rollers. Bosch Rexroth are a leading supplier in assembly technology and offer a great range of conveyor rollers, which are generally found in large warehousing solutions and production lines.

    Conveyor roller units enable machines and users to manoeuvre objects with ease no matter how big or small. Many risks come alongside working with heavier objects or awkward loads. However, conveyor rollers help to distribute the weight of heavy objects across numerous rollers, ultimately minimising risks and enabling a safer and more efficient working environment.

    Whether you're looking for a plastic or galvanised steel tube material, with a strong zinc plated steel spindle, Bosch Rexroth conveyor rollers have got you covered for whatever application you require.

    How do Conveyor Rollers work?

    In order to allow the rollers body to spin, conveyor rollers are attached at both ends of a frame and are mounted parallel to each other, or with shallow angles, with consistent even spacing to produce smooth and efficient mobility.With Bosch Rexroth providing conveyor rollers in plastic or galvanised steel, it is important that you consider your application when picking the appropriate material of your conveyor roller. This is so that you can ensure optimum strength over time without failure.

    Features & Benefits

    • Suitable to use with heavy loads up to 150N or even 500N
    • Available to clip into a compatible frame, for quick and tool-free assembly, helping to keep things moving in your workplace while ensuring workers are reliably protected from the risks associated with moving heavy weights
    • Light weight which puts minimal strain on your conveyor system


    • Distribution centres
    • Breweries
    • Production lines
    • Food production
    • Industrial manufacturing
    • Pharmaceuticals
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