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    Rittal Floor Standing Enclosures

    Rittal have a range of floor standing enclosures, these units are freestanding and are usually made of metal for durability, different body materials can be used affecting strength and whether the contents need to be seen from the outside of the enclosure. Enclosures can be used to house electrical equipment as well as other instruments. They have either one or two doors, depending on required access levels.

    Rittal floor standing enclosures are used in a wide variety of industrial settings and offer protection against dirt, dust, and other substances that could easily damage the contents within the enclosure.

    Rittal Floor Standing Enclosure Benefits:

    • Minimal amount of space taken up
    • Fitted with a locking system for security
    • IP rating for protection against dust and liquids
    • Different sizes to suit individual requirements
    • Single or double door depending on access requirements
    • Body material choice to suit application type

    Typical Applications:

    Rittal floor standing enclosures are ideal for housing and protecting a range of electrical products and instruments. They are used across a range of industries from the electrical and electronic industries to the automotive industry.

    What type of equipment can an enclosure hold?

    Enclosures can be used to protect electrical equipment, such as circuit breakers, contactors, control panels and switches to name a few. They come in a range of sizes to suit your individual requirements.

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