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    Rittal Enclosure Heaters

    Rittal exceeds its competitors with solutions distinguished by their simplicity and versatility, engineering enclosure heating devices capable of precise temperature control. Rittal's range comprises enclosure heaters ideal for a variety of enclosure sizes, with configurable output power. An established provider of enclosure systems and accessories, choosing Rittal is choosing reliability.

    What are enclosure heaters?

    Enclosure heaters are specialised heating devices designed to be installed inside enclosures. They regulate the temperature within the enclosure to provide optimal operating conditions for housed devices. Many enclosure heaters utilise positive temperature coefficient heating elements, which self-regulate temperature with an element that increases resistance the hotter it gets. This increase in resistance limits the heat the element produces, ensuring it is always proportional to requirement.

    Why are enclosure heaters useful?

    By distributing warm air around the enclosure, the heaters protect against condensation and subsequent corrosion, damage from which can cause devices to fail. Enclosure heaters are therefore an important consideration for installations that are subject to temperature extremes. The risk of condensation can be eliminated by raising the temperature only by a few degrees, enclosure heaters are subsequently cost-efficient as running costs are significantly lower than potential repair and replacement costs.

    Choosing a Rittal enclosure heater

    Rittal enclosure heaters are an ideal accompaniment to your Rittal enclosure. Choose from our selection by using the filters to configure the heater dimensions, output power, and supply voltage.

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