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    Rittal Server Cabinet Accessories

    With a 60-year history of innovation, Rittal sets the standard expected for quality server cabinets. Rittal's enclosures, cabinets, and wall boxes offer promised reliability in adaptable designs that can be customised to suit requirements. Choose compatible accessories to extend the functionality of Rittal server cabinets.

    Which server cabinet accessories are available?

    Various accessories are available to complement server cabinets, ranging from installation accessories like mounting brackets, spare screws, and wheels, to organisational accessories like cable trays, drawers, and section inserts. Thermal management accessories are additionally available, including ventilation grilles and top covers and fan expansion kits.

    What are some possible uses for server cabinet accessories?

    Installation accessories are integral for securely fastening server cabinets. Using compatible installation accessories allows for a secure fixture that avoids the costly damage that could occur if a cabinet collapsed. These accessories are also useful for wall mounting cabinets.

    Thermal accessories are important as servers produce a lot of heat during operation. Ensuring the cabinet has adequate ventilation allows air to move around the servers and can prevent overheating.

    Choosing Rittal server cabinet accessories

    When choosing accessories, consider the series name of the server cabinet, information regarding compatibility can be found on the product page.

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