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    Honeywell Phototransistors

    Honeywell phototransistors are semiconductors that use light energy and convert it to an electrical signal. The current flowing in between the emitter and collector is dependent upon the level of light received.

    Phototransistors are either two or three terminal devices. They are more sensitive to light making them more suitable in a number of light sensing applications, as well as producing a higher current than a photodiode and being immune to noise interference.

    Light enters at the base region of the phototransistor, where it causes hole electron pairs to be generated, these electron pairs then move with the electric field and provide the base current.

    Why Use Honeywell Transistors?

    Honeywell transistors are small and ultra-thin, they are highly sensitive and are ideal for using in many applications and devices as well as being relatively inexpensive. They are simple to fit and can provide an instantaneous output making the Honeywell phototransistor an ideal choice in a variety of applications and devices.

    Honeywell phototransistors Applications

    • Printers
    • Optoelectronics
    • Industrial electronics
    • Security devices
    • Home electronics
    • Optoelectronics
    • Lighting equipment

    Honeywell offer a range of phototransistors to meet all of your individual requirements and needs. They are a perfect choice over a photodiode due to their faster response time.

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