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    EAO Panel Mount Indicators

    EAO panel mount indicators are generally used as a guidance or warning signal and come in a variety of types and sizes, allowing you to choose the product most suited to your application. The most common type of EAO panel mount indicator is an LED indicator. LED indicators are a popular choice thanks to their versatility, alongside their low power consumption. They tend to have a much longer lifespan than their incandescent equivalents. EAO's panel mount indicators range includes products with varying ingress protection levels, meaning you can select a customised product based on the level of protection you require. You can choose from IP40, IP65 and IP67 ingress protection ratings.

    What applications can an EAO panel mount indicator be used for?

    Panel mount indicators are incredibly versatile and have a wide variety of different uses, making them a popular choice for many industrial applications. EAO panel mount indicators can be fixed to PCB circuit boards, used as vehicle indicators, mounted on to push buttons or switches, and much more.

    What are the advantages of an EAO LED panel mount indicator?

    An LED panel mount indicator offers a long life, meaning they can be used in applications which remain untouched for a long period of time. Their long lifespan makes them an incredibly versatile device and a good choice if longevity is at the forefront of your priorities. EAO's LED panel mount indicators are designed to look good, whilst still providing high performance in a variety of environments.

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