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    EAO Indicator Lamps

    Shed light on the operation of your machinery with an indicator lamp. These bright bulbs are used to indicate the operational state of a device or machine, for example, they're found on home appliances where they show that the appliance is turned on, and in cars where they warn the driver of a fault. They're small but mighty, as their tiny light-emitting diodes produce bright light with minimal power consumption. They're also low maintenance and can last for a long time, meaning you won't have to spend time and money replacing them. If you want to kit your control panels out with the very best, EAO's indicator lamps are the perfect accompaniment to their push button actuators and switches.

    Why are indicator lamps useful?

    Indicator lamps provide a simple yet effective way to know how a device or machine is working. They allow the user to make sure that a device is operating correctly, keeping them safe while using it, and helping them to identify exactly what is wrong with it in the case of malfunction. The potential uses for indicator lamps are endless, but some common uses include:

    • Control panels: For systems in which multiple pieces of equipment need to be controlled, indicator lamps are perfect for control panels to monitor their operation.

    • Power indicators: These dazzling devices are often used to show whether or not a piece of equipment is turned on.

    • Process control: These nifty lights are often used to show the stage in a process a piece of equipment is currently at.

    • Warning alerts: Indicator lamps keep equipment users safe by alerting them of the risk or occurrence of malfunction.

    Which indicator lamp is right for me?

    When choosing an indicator lamp, it's important to keep a few things in mind, that way your brilliant blinker will be up for the task at hand.

    • Electrical specifications: It's important to consider the circuit that will power the indicator lamp, as too low or high of a voltage can cause malfunction. For more information on electrical safety, check out our guide.

    • Light intensity: Lamps with light intensity ratings of 750mcd and 1050mcd are better for situations where visibility is poorer, as they're brighter and more easily seen.

    • Lamp diameter: Check the diameter needed so that your indicator lamp will fit snugly.
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