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    WAGO PUSH WIRE Connectors

    Choosing PUSH WIRE over screw type offers faster connections as well as their safety aspect and being maintenance free.

    WAGO 2273 COMPACT splicing connectors

    feature PUSH WIRE connections for solid conductors, ideal for circuit connections and distribution panels. These connectors support up to eight solid conductors in one unit, accommodating a conductor size range of 0.5-2.5 mm2 (20-16 AWG). With transparent housing for visual inspection, they ensure proper conductor stripping, and they include a test port for standard test probes.

    WAGO 773 PUSH WIRE connectors

    suitable for Junction Box applications, handle solid and stranded conductors. They support wire cross-sections of 2.5 mm2 (24A) or 6 mm2 (41A), ensuring efficient and reliable electrical connections with a quick and easy push-in. These connectors are versatile, serving residential, commercial, and industrial needs, featuring transparent housing for visual confirmation, coloured covers for identification, and a test point for added convenience.

    WAGO 243 Micro Push Wire Connector

    for junction boxes, accommodates up to 8 solid wires from 0.6-0.8 mm2 (22 to 20 AWG). This micro-sized push-in connector is ideal for tight spaces and is recommended for low-current applications like doorbells or loudspeaker systems.

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