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    Siemens Earth Terminal Blocks

    Siemens Earth Terminal Blocks, which are also commonly known as earth terminals or ground terminal blocks. They are used for earthing cables and grounding. Siemens Earth terminal blocks can accommodate several earthing points as well as different wire sizes.

    How do Earth Terminal Blocks work?

    Siemens earth terminal blocks work by protecting individuals and electrical units from external interference from magnetic or electrical fields in both commercial and industrial settings. The earth terminal block grounds and earths the wires that are encased in the blocks housing or casing.

    How can Earth Terminal Blocks be used?

    Earth terminal blocks can be used in various ways in order to provide protection from external interference. The main applications for earth terminal blocks are in industrial machine control centres and control systems in power stations and ships.

    Types of Earth Terminal Blocks

    All earth terminal blocks are easily recognisable due to international standards which require the block to have a green and yellow housing. Siemens earth terminal blocks can also be mounted using a DIN rail terminal and can be connected to the wires by using a clamp or screws, depending on the connection. Siemens earth terminal blocks come in a variety of different sizes regarding the wire cross sectional area (CSA), including 0.08 to 2.5mm², 0.25 to 1.5mm², 0.5 to 2.5mm², 0.5 to 4mm² and 1.5 to 10mm². Another feature of earth terminal blocks is their termination method, Siemens offer either a screw or spring termination method depending on what best suits the desired environment for the earth terminal block.

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