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    Molex Compact Power Connectors

    Molex have been producing electrical components for over 80 years. Throughout this period, they have worked hard to ensure they provide products that suit all applications. That's why they are the number one choice when you have a very specific problem to solve, such as how to make powerful connections on a small scale.

    Molex compact power connectors offer wire-to-board connections for applications where space or weight is at a premium – ideal for switches, hubs, routers or small-scale projects.

    How Should I Choose My Molex Connector Type?

    Molex power connectors come in either plug or socket configurations so the first thing to consider is which you need for your build. This may well depend on the intended use of the connection and how often it may need to be attached or disconnected.

    Once this is decided, you'll want to look at why a compact connector is required. Molex offer several electrical wire connectors for tight spaces, including the MultiCat range. These are not only compact but also lightweight, making them ideal for transport applications or anywhere weight is a consideration. Additionally, they are high-powered and designed to be especially durable, perfect for drones or telecommunications.

    Another consideration when looking at power connector types is how much power is required. Voltage rating will be crucial If you're looking for a compact power connector that is small but mighty. Plating type will help determine this and Molex have several options. The Molex EXTreme Guardian range of receptacle housings accepts large gauge wires and features fully isolated terminals. When paired with gold plated terminals they provide a high current solution with a low-profile package. Ideal for solar, medical and transport uses.

    For lower power applications, Molex offer a selection of cost-effective options that use tin-plate contacts. These are perfect for lighting, heating and many other industrial and electronic uses.

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