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    Samtec IDC Connectors

    IDC Connectors (Insulation-Displacement Connectors), such as the Samtec 16-Way IDC Connector Socket for Cable Mount are integral components in telecommunications and ribbon cable applications. These connectors, short for Insulation-Displacement Connectors, feature sharp contact points that puncture the insulation of ribbon cables, forming reliable connections without the need for wire stripping as with traditional crimping methods.

    What do Samtec IDC Connectors do?

    Utilising cold welding technology, IDC connectors exert pressure to establish secure contact between the terminal and wire, ensuring a durable connection. Some variants include built-in strain relief mechanisms, enhancing the longevity and reliability of ribbon cable assemblies.

    What you need to consider:

    When selecting IDC connectors, several factors should be considered, including the number of contacts, gender (plug or socket), pitch (contact spacing), and mounting type (onto cables or PCBs).

    IDC connectors find applications in various devices such as low-voltage systems, computer drives, SSDs, smartphones, and laptops. Additionally, they are utilised in RITS (Remote I/O Terminal System) connectors, facilitating quick and effortless connections without the need for intricate preparations like wire stripping.

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